Thanks for visiting Temple Baptist Church through your computer!  We strive to be a church for all people…the young and the young at heart…all for the glory of God alone.  Our passion is to share the Good News of the Gospel with Central Arkansas and with the world.  Take a look at the links above to learn more about our staff, our beliefs, our covenant, when/where we meet, and how to serve with this wonderful Church.

If you live in Central Arkansas, we would love to meet you in person.  If you are planning to visit our area, please consider worshiping with us.


Three Temple Distinctives

Regarding Scripture
We believe that the Bible is God’s authoritative Word
without any mixture of error, whatsoever.

Regarding Preaching
We preach through the Word, not around it
teaching from Scripture God’s principles for
happy, healthy, holy living.

Regarding Worship
True worship is not only the hour we spend at church,
but also a constant decision to daily esteem God for who He truly is.
We value quality in worship, but we want to do more
than simply put on a “good show.”